The history that made KwaDukuza is unlike any other in the world. When you consider that there were wars fought in the region as well as millionaires that made their start in Stanger, it all sounds like a book. Fortunately, nothing here is from fantasy, King Shaka Zulu was one of the best war leaders in history. 
King Shaka was responsible for the military might that the Zulu Kingdom is so well-known for. His Kingdom was so strong that it lasted for generations after his death. While the Zulu Kingdom was being built the British and Voortrekkers were moving into the Natal area building one of the largest sugarcane producing areas in the world.
The Tongaat Hulett brand of sugar was started in the KwaDukuza region. With various treaties being made between the Zulu’s and the Boers, the area is rich with the history and heritage of South Africa. One of the greatest people to emerge from the KwaDukuza region in recent history is Nobel Peace Prize winner Chief Albert Luthuli. 
Luthuli was one of the most influential people in the fight against Apartheid; Luthuli was born, raised and lived in KwaDukuza until his unfortunate death in 1967. The history of KwaDukuza is long and full of turmoil, read all about it here and discover what legends are made of.