Explore King Shaka Heritage Route

Those that wish to learn as much as possible about King Shaka Zulu can do this route. The route will take you through the entirety of KwaDukuza and is meant to end at the grave of King Shaka Zulu. The route can be travelled in anyway the traveller wants. The accommodation is subject to the amount the traveller wants to pay.

The route includes several locations as listed below:

King Shaka’s Tomb Stone

Located within KwaDukuza the grave includes the rock on which King Shaka was sitting when he was assassinated as well as an Monument above his final resting place.

High Rock

High rock is known to be the place where King Shaka would make his military plans and held council with his advisors. This rock can be found just outside of KwaDukuza.

Observation Rock

This rock was used by Shaka to observe all of his troops while they were training. 

King Shaka’s Spring

This is a spring where the handmaidens of Shaka fetched water every time they needed some.

King Shaka’s Pool and Cave

A pool where King Shaka is known to have bathed as well as held council with his trusted advisors.   

Mavivane Execution Rock

With all kingdoms the need for judgement is inevitable. At Mavivane Execution Rock King Shaka would decide the fate of his enemies, if they were to be killed their heads would be clubbed and then they were thrown over the cliff face.

Shaka’s Trees

Believed to be more than 200 years old these trees are located within KwaDukuza. They are close to Shaka’s grave and they include the Indaba tree, this is where Shaka would hold council with his advisors.