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KwaDukuza has loads of informative attractions, which can be a lovely outing for the day. If you want to learn something new about the Dolphin Coast visit some of the following attractions:



Ultimatum Tree

Fearing that the Zulu army was growing too large the British that had settled in Natal decided to disarm the Zulu’s. On 11 December 1878 a meeting took place between Inkosi Uvumandada along with 50 or so dele...


Shaka Trees

The Shaka Trees are based in the village of KwaDukuza. These trees are more than 200 years old and played a significant role in the life of Shaka Zulu. It is here that the Indaba Tree, where Shaka held council,...




This is a hill that is considered to be the battlegrounds of one of the bloodiest battles in Zulu history. After King Mpande failed to choose a successor, two of his sons started a rivalry over who was rightful...


Paper Mill/ Tranquillity Bird Hide

This bird hide is located close to the Sappi Paper Mill and serves as an escape from civilisation. It is only a few hundred meters away from the road, the long reeds that surround the bird hide creates an atmos...


Fort Pearson

Colonel Pearson gave the order that Fort Pearson had to be built; it had panoramic views of everything surrounding it. It was used during the Zulu wars in 1879 and it also had a Pont (a River Ferry) that operat...



Chief Albert Luthuli Museum

The Albert Luthuli Museum opened in 2004; it includes the original house that Luthuli stayed in 1927. The Museum represents the life of Albert Luthuli. The Museum is located within the original residence that ...


The New Creation Bible Church

With a congregation of just two families; Dr. Leslie Ramiah founded the New Creation Bible Church in 1992. Within a year the membership grew to a hundred people. Initially the services were held at Daleview ...


King Shaka’s Visitors Centre

King Shaka Zulu was killed on 24 September 1828 by two of his brothers. He was sitting on a rock when they assassinated him and then later they threw his body into an empty grain pit. The Zulu Nation erected th...



High Rock

Legend has it that this rock was the spot where many of the enemies that Shaka Zulu had were executed. It was also used to prove the courage of young boys, they would leap from the tip and into the sea below an...


Pottery Gallery

The Pottery Gallery aims to entertain the entire family. With a fun filled play area for children and activities aimed specific at adults the Pottery Gallery is a place that is fun for the whole family. This is...


Aldin Grout

Aldin Grout was an American missionary that came to South Africa in 1834. He and his wife first arrived at the Cape and eventually arrived at Natal in 1835. Here he set up a missionary statement in 1836, he ...



The Litchi Orchard

A fresh litchi is always better than one bought in any store; at The Litchi Orchard you can have fun while picking and choosing your litchi’s fresh from the orchard. There are loads of activities available ...