This is a hill that is considered to be the battlegrounds of one of the bloodiest battles in Zulu history. After King Mpande failed to choose a successor, two of his sons started a rivalry over who was rightfully heir. Eventually Cetshwayo, who had distinguished himself in previous campaigns, established his own residence at Ondini.

Mbuyazi started stealing his brothers’ cows, this caused the rivalry to reach its ultimate peak at Ndondakusuka. After both brothers rallied up their armies they met each other in battle on Ndondankusuka Hill. After just a few hours Mbuyazi was defeated and many woman and children were driven from the land. Over 23000 were killed including Mbuyazi and five other sons of Mpande.

The stream that flows from the hill was called Mathambo (the stream of bones); the mountain was littered with bones for years to come.


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