Blythedale Beach


Blythedale Beach is a very peaceful beach with soft sea sand and warm seawater. It is a lovely place to spot whales and dolphins or even watch the crabs, known as “ghost crabs” because they disappear into the sand. You can also enjoy swimming and surfing at this lovely beach. The beach is also part of the nature conservancy, which includes the Umvoti River Mouth. For bird lovers the Umvoti River Mouth is a treat, you will see the following:

• The African Spoonbill;
• The Chestnut-Branded Plover;
• The Lesser Sand Plover;
• The White-Earned Burbet;
• The Scaly-Throated Honey Guide;
• The Blue-Mantled Crested Fly catcher.


Map & Directions

Physical Address
-29.372774, 31.351314