Zinkwazi Beach


Zinkwazi Beach is in a little town of Nkwazi, which is surrounded by coastal dunes. The beach is part of a nature conservancy, which protects the beach and the marine life on it. The Zulu’s called the area “Zinkwazi”, which means “the place of eagles”. There is a lagoon located by the beach where children can swim and play in the water- if parents are wary of their children swimming or playing in the sea.

A ferry trip across the lagoon is also available, however this is all dependent on the water levels. The Zinkwazi Beach is a spectacular place to spend time with your family, you can swim in the sea and rest assured knowing that there are lifeguards and shark nets. You can also walk along the shore and explore the surrounding nature; you will see the rocks and the beautiful tidal pools, along with the marine life that lives in the pools.


Map & Directions

Physical Address
-29.286886, 31.439752