Beach Bums Restaurant

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032 943 1132



If you love the sun and sand then Beach Bums is your perfect venue. With our “forever chilled” vibe, smiling and helpful staff, everyone is here for a chilled time. From ladies enjoying cocktails to men loving the ice cold draughts and the kids having a ball building sand castles, you are assured to have a great time.
With a meal for everyone’s  favorite tastes, the  family is sure to be satisfied .
Customizing the menu: We will do our best to accommodate our menu to your specialty.
All changes need to be finalized 3 days prior to your  function.
Guest count to be final 2 days prior to your function.
Deposit to be paid 5 days prior to function, in the event of a event being canceled LESS then 5 days prior to function, you will forfeit your deposit.
Décor is to be pre-approved by events manageress prior to function. Glitter and confetti are not permitted.
Service charge: There will be a 10% service charge added to your bill for a group consisting of more then 15 people.
Payment: Payment can be made via EFT before the function, balance done by credit/debit card or cash.

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Physical Address
65 Casuarina Beach – Tongaat

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65 Casuarina Beach – Tongaat